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FL Studio Tutorials, Tips and Tricks.

Do you struggle to find that swishing sound for the background in your tracks or you want to find that right explosion effect? Why spend your time looking for certain samples and effects on the internet when you can create the sample you desire with what you got in the libary combined wit effects, tweaks, and minor adjustments.

I've been using FL Studio for up to five years and I was able to use some tricks in my music making process that I have learned through experience, and now I'm going to teach you a couple of them. All you need is an FL Studio 4 or higher to be able to do this.

"Swishing Effects" - Ever listened to a Kid Creme or Junior Jack song with all the swishing effects and breakdowns and you wonder how you can do the same? There are many ways you can make those and incorporate in your songs. One way is to get a static sample, like from a TV when you put it on a channel that doesn't work. One way I got one is by taking a 3xOsc, opening up the menu for that and putting all three of the osc's on the static symbol (next to the question mark). Now just loop it and play that in a loop for as long as you need it to be, then put it on an FX channel and add a Parametric EQ, then eliminate all bass signals by lowering all of the low frequencies (maybe even hike up the treble and high mids and lowering overall volume). Then add a lowpass filter and run it through the song by pressing Record next to the play button and moving the frequency around while playing. Then stop it when your finished and turn off the Record button, and now play it, it should filter through the song automatically, you've just done a Live Recording, you can do that with almost any knob in FL Studio. Now add some delay and a touch of anything else you might want. You have just made that swishing effect, congratulations, let's move on.

"Tweaking Loops" - Have you ever made a song with a loop from some website and it turns out you here somebody else's song and they have that same loop? I know that pisses you off but really why use a loop thats been used by who knows how many artists? I know a way you can keep that loop and make it sound much more different than others. First put the loop on an FX channel and and add some delay man, just a slight delay. Maybe if you want open up that Parametric EQ and do some EQing. One way I would do it if its a drumloop is eliminate the bass and add my own kicks in the song, and why rely on the loop's percs when you can add on sum extra hats from the FL Studio library. Whay not incorporate two other tweak loops playing with that one drumloop, that way it'll sound more heavily structured which everyone wants in electronic based music.

"Synths" - Please don't tell me you plan on using that synth loops thats probably been used by a hundred artists over in it's course of lifetime, why not make your own synth for a change. if you want an epic trance type synth, then pull out the 3xOsc, add it to a channel and start tweaking. Either that or if you want an average synth line, many possibilities open up. Just go to "Options" at the top of the screen and go to "General Settings". Now look to the right at the bottom and turn on "Show Legacy Precomputed Effects", now even more possibilities just pop up out of nowhere. Now take an average bassline and hike up the "AMP" at the bottom of the menu of that sample, then put it on an FX channel, pop out that Parametric EQ, and eliminate all the bass and hike up the mids and highs, (even add a blood overdrive to it if you wish) and don't forget that compressor, you'll most likely need it to keep it from blurring. Now you've turned an average bassline into a glorious electric synth. If you want to, put the bass back in that sample and it doubles as a synth and bassline.

These are just few of the many possibilities you can do with the FL Studio software, now I want you to get out there and show me some true unique art, something that will pop out of nowhere and in your face like BAM!!!